Best Ways to reach Birmingham from London in 2023

Best Ways to reach Birmingham from London in 2023

After London, Birmingham is the second most popular and biggest metropolitan city in the United Kingdom. Birmingham is the perfect representation of Cosmopolitan culture and development. Due to astonishing development and friendly residents, a large number of people travel to Birmingham every day.

As Birmingham is one of the major Financial hubs of the UK after London, thus a large number of people travel from London to Birmingham daily. Apart from being a hub for business, Birmingham is also home to some of the most exquisite places in the world. There are many beautiful places to visit in Birmingham.

How to go from London to Birmingham? (H2)

The distance between Birmingham to London is around 117.9 miles and it takes more than 2 hours to travel between these destinations. Three major ways to reach Birmingham from London are train, bus and private taxis.



London to Birmingham is one of the busiest routes in the UK. Trains are a very popular mode of transport for travelling between London to Birmingham. A large number of people travel to Birmingham by train every day. According to the reports, over 135 trains are running on routes between Birmingham and London daily.

Popular train companies like Avanti West Coast, Chiltern Railways and West Midlands Railways are the most famous train services to Birmingham from London. Apart from these three trains, several other train services are running directly from London to Birmingham.

Travelling by train is one of the fastest ways to travel between London and Birmingham, but isn’t the most convenient way to travel. You can’t carry as much luggage as you want, because of the boot space issues. You always have to travel with compact luggage in trains. The Ongoing train Strikes in the UK are another very key reasons why travelling by train isn’t the most suitable mode of travelling to Birmingham.



Buses are another very popular mode of transportation from London to Birmingham. It takes around 2-3 hours to reach Birmingham from London by bus. There is a direct bus service from London Victoria Coach station to Birmingham Coach station which operates every thirty minutes every day.

Travelling by bus is the cheapest way to get from Birmingham to London. Although travelling by bus is very affordable, travelling by bus isn’t the most ideal way to travel, because it does come with multiple hassles such as sitting in discomfort and lack of privacy



Travelling by taxi from London to Birmingham is the most convenient travelling option. Travelling in a taxi to Birmingham is the best way to travel, must be wondering why so?

Well, traveling in a taxi has multiple benefits. Travelling in a taxi saves you from all the travel hassles that you have to go through while travelling on public transport. You can travel in comfort and ease, with full privacy. Travelling on public transport is very tiring compared to travelling in a private taxi.

Travelling in a taxi gives you the leisure of sitting comfortably and removes the stress of carrying as much luggage as you want.

Travelling costs in a taxi may be a bit high if compared with trains and buses, but the amount of comfort and leisure a taxi provides is far more than the price that you are paying for. Travelling in a taxi is the most convenient mode of travelling, if compared with trains and buses.

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What is the easiest way to travel from London to Birmingham?+
The easiest way to travel from London to Birmingham is through a private taxi service.
What is the distance between London and Birmingham?+
The distance between London and Birmingham is 117.9 miles.
What is the cheapest way to travel between London and Birmingham?+
Traveling in bus from London to Birmingham cheapest way to travel.
Can we travel by car from London to Birmingham?+
Yes, you can travel from London to Birmingham by car.
What are the popular shopping places in Birmingham?+
The most popular shopping streets in Birmingham are New Street, High Street and Corporation street.
What is the best area to live in Birmingham?+
The best regions to live in Birmingham are as follows:
City Centre
Jewellery Quarter
Kings heath and Moseley